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Supply of power generator units with ATAM - GET pumping system for Power Station (Valencia Airport)

Category: Ports, airports & radar stations

Centro de Datos de Telefónica

Requirements and needs of the customer

The safety and operation requirements of airport power centrals require adapting safety protocols and having redundancies to ensure constant operation, which foresee possible responses to possible failures with active protocols and status and incident signals. Moreover, current regulations regarding spillage controls, whose consequences not only cause extra expenses and inconveniences, but can also involve waste processing companies that could be able to stop the installation for the duration of cleaning tasks, as well as legal consequences that could lead to administrative and economic fines.
Given the electrical power needs of power stations, they have multiple emergency generators, some of them redundant, which condition the design of operation and safety protocols. Control and distribution of fuel in the entire system has always been planned taking into account the required redundancy in airport power stations.
In this case, the installation had six power generator units coupled as primary and redundant, controlled by three touch screen panel automatons and with Mod-bus communication among them as well as communication to central control. Daily service tanks are filled with ATAM - GET pump systems, one for each operation line.

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