INPRO projects in several Saudi Arabian embassies in African countries

We collaborate with the Saudi Arabian government in the realisation of 6 projects of their Embassy in different African countries

Inpro participated in the execution of 6 projects requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia (MOFA) of the Saudi government for its embassies in several African countries. On this occasion it was in collaboration with the two spanish compies: the generator manufacturing company, Genesal and with the engineering company Eurofinsa.

The projects required by the Saudi Arabian government for its embassies were carried out in six countries on the African continent: Cameroon, Niger, Ghana, Zambia, Chad and Guinea.

Our team of engineers and sales department studied the proposal for each of the projects, and once the required technical information was obtained, they presented the offer of our products and the corresponding diagrams of the installation of our fuel transfer units to supply the power generators that were finally used in these projects.

Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) projects in Africa

The companies in charge of the projects of the Saudi Arabian Embassies entrusted Inpro to carry out these projects in six African countries: Cameroon, Niger, Ghana, Zambia, Chad and Guinea.

Each of these projects represented a technical achievement, the scope of the projects was not only for the main building of each embassy, but also for the Ambassador’s Residence, and the paired staff residences with our innovative power solutions. The complexes also included security huts and a series of outbuildings for kitchen, staff offices, facilities and water tanks.

In addition to our fuel transfer units, it was also necessary to build a sewage treatment plant and a water treatment plant with storage tanks.

Engineering Process

Our team of expert engineers played a crucial role in the success of these projects. From the initial analysis of the proposals to the final execution, every step was meticulously planned. Time was spent understanding the specific needs of each project, and detailed schematics were drawn up for our fuel transfer unit installations to the Saudi Embassies building power generators that were used in the field.

Schemas for oil transfer to power generator drawn up by our team for some of these projects:

Other Inpro Public Buildings Case Studies

At Inpro we have extensive experience in the realisation of projects for critical facilities, public buildings, industrial installations, among others. We develop customised fuel transfer units for power generation plants in critical facilities and other sectors worldwide.

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