Liquid fuel transfer

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Automatic oil supply for burners, power generators, and industrial heat production processes, with diesel, methanol or other fuels

01. GP-30 IP-20

02. GP-70-1500 N

03. GP-GE 70-1500

04. GP-H-GE High Pressure

05. GP-GC

06. GPS-N

07. GPS-GE

08. GPS 10 / OUF 88

Blade type motorpumps for gasoline

Bladetype motorpumps for diesel

Bladetype motorpumps for diesel-gasoline

Bunded tanks leak detection DDP-25 (liquid)


Centrifugal pumps for heating oil

Drill pumps


Expansion vessels



Level switch (SMMR probe) general measurment and control

It is not working correctly

Remove the probe, disconnect it and use a multimeter to check the continuity of the contacts when raising and lowering the probe according to the diagram provided. Then contact our Technical Assistance Service.

Level switch (SMMR box)

It is not working correctly

Make a bridge for terminal 6 and 7 and observe if the relay jumps. After this, contact our Technical Assistance Service (Customer Services).