Inpro expands frontiers with its arrival in Mexico, thanks to the agreement with Scai Consultoría

We expanded our international reach with the collaboration agreement with the Mexican company Scai Consultoría

Inpro Group, a European leader with more than 50 years of experience in fuel and energy transfer solutions for critical infrastructures, such as Data Processing Center projects, Hospitals, Airports, etc… is pleased to announce its new business partnership with Scai Consultoría, a leading Mexican company specialized in engineering, system integration in control, automation and instrumentation, configuration, FAT testing, SAT and process control commissioning in Mexico City and Queretaro.

This agreement represents a significant step in the growth strategy of both companies. With a strong presence in their respective local markets, the collaboration between Inpro Group and Scai Consultoría will allow us to take advantage of new opportunities in both emerging and consolidated markets.


Expansion into Mexico and LATAM markets

The alliance is also focused on expanding into the Mexican and LATAM markets. As part of the agreement, Scai Consultoría will act as a distributor of Inpro products in Mexico and will participate in Data Center projects with its producots. This will enable both companies to offer more complete solutions tailored to the specific needs of their customers.


Cristina Sanz, CO-CEO and Business Development Director of Inpro, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration: “We are delighted to join forces with Scai Consultoría. This partnership underscores our continued commitment to Inpro’s global growth and expansion, and is a very important step in consolidating our entry into the Americas”. Over the next few years, they plan to participate in the planning and execution of numerous projects for the installation of backup systems in critical infrastructures in Mexico.

Growth of the Data Center sector in Querétaro (Mexico) 


Juan José Luna, CEO of Scai Consultoría, also shared his positive view of the alliance: “This agreement represents a significant milestone for us. We look forward to strengthening our solutions and expanding our reach in Mexico, as well as in other Latin American countries. It is a great step to enter the critical facilities sector as a data center, which is currently growing in Mexico and specifically in Queretaro”.

About Inpro Group

Founded in 1972 in Madrid, Inpro specializes in the design and manufacture of diesel fuel transfer units, equipment for the monitoring and control of maneuvers in hydrocarbon and other fluids tanks and control of consumption in burners and emergency generators. Throughout its history it has participated in more than 10,000 projects. The company also carries out projects for remote monitoring of diesel oil levels. For more information: web and Linkedin.

About Scai Consultoría

Outstanding Mexican company specialized in control systems and industrial automation offering engineering development services, integration, configuration, FAT testing, SAT and commissioning in Mexico City and Queretaro. It has consulting services and implementation of solutions for industry 4.0, digital transformation and energy efficiency, technological solutions Virtual reality, extended, remote support, remote monitoring and real time in different devices) leak detection systems for water and acids (Data centers, telecommunications, banks, commercial and public buildings). hydrocarbon leak detection systems (Oil and Gas)

The two companies have already begun working together on joint projects in Mexico and are exploring additional opportunities to collaborate on the planning and execution of future projects.

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