Mexico’s data center market

Data center sector growth in Mexico

The data center market in Mexico has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by several key factors. Some of these factors include the increase in demand for cloud services, the growth of e-commerce, the digitalization of companies and government organizations, as well as the expansion of telecommunications and Internet infrastructure in the country.

The growth of the data center market in Mexico has been supported by investments in IT infrastructure by both national and international companies. Large technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle have made significant investments in the construction and operation of data centers in the country to meet the growing demand for cloud services and data storage.

Direct investment projections in Mexico

The data center market in Mexico is booming, with direct investment projections in excess of US$7 billion and an expected expansion of installed capacity from 81 MW to over 1000MW of Colocation + Hyperscale (Cloud SP) in the next five years. Mexico’s strategic location, especially in Querétaro, positions it as a focal point for the interconnection of the digital economies of North America and Latin America.

What are the main Mexican cities where investments in data centers are being made?

Queretaro has emerged as an investment epicenter, attracting large suppliers. Currently, there are 12 projects under construction in Queretaro, including facilities of giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, among others, consolidating Queretaro as an important technological center in the region.

Mexico City and the State of Mexico are also attracting digital investments, with hyperscale projects and smaller data centers due to their high business activity and population density.

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