Hospitals: Tailor-made solutions and equipment for project engineering.

We develop solutions for project engineering for the automatic supply of boilers and power generation plants.

At Inpro, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and implementing customised solutions for engineering companies for the automatic supply of boilers and power generation plants in hospitals. We are proud to be involved in projects that demand the highest level of demand to ensure uninterrupted power service, essential in medical environments.

Our hospital projects

Our hospital projects are designed to meet the critical needs of these environments, guaranteeing a permanent power supply to all medicalised units. We focus on the reliability and efficiency of associated systems, such as burners, heating, and hot water, ensuring that essential services are never interrupted.

We design and manufacture pumping systems for critical industrial and commercial heat production and backup facilities.

Requirements we meet in hospital projects

These are some of the requirements that clients often ask of us in hospital projects:

  • Fuel system for back-up generators and a fuel monitoring and leak detection system for several substations.
  • The pumping of diesel fuel to the daily service tanks of normal or emergency operating power generating units.
  • To meet the diesel supply needs of air-conditioning and steam boilers with mixed, modulating burners. With the aim of supplying all the general services in terms of air conditioning, domestic hot water and steam production.

Critical facilities and high demands

We understand the importance of continuity and security in the hospital environment. Our solutions are designed to withstand the highest demands, ensuring that every component operates optimally and securely at all times. From design to implementation, we ensure that every detail conforms to the most rigorous industry standards.


Comprehensive solutions for large and technologically complex projects:

Children Hospital (Dublin)

Quillota Petorca Biprovincial (Chile)

Hospital 12 de Octubre (Spain)

The View Hospital (Doha, Qatar)


Inpro products appear at the most critical moments in a hospital. Let’s imagine we are waiting to be operated on at the door of an operating theatre. Think about that critical minute; the electrical system could go down and shut down all the equipment. “This would be a serious and urgent situation, which Inpro would automatically reverse before it happens”, explains Cristina Sanz Ortiz, co-CEO of the company.

And it would do so through a system that never fails: a diesel tank, a pump extracts the fuel and drives it to a power generator (genset). This energy feeds a generator that guarantees electricity in such important facilities as hospitals, but also airports and offices. “We ensure that this generator keeps running in all circumstances, even when the power goes out”, underlines the executive, who today runs the company with her sister, Maica Sanz .

Some Inpro products for hospital projects:


Automatic fuel polishing system for diesel tanks


Oil transfer pressure unit for high flow systems


Fuel ring transfer systems for feeding burners or generators


Oil transfer pressure unit to day tanks

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