What is HVO?

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a fuel made from 100% renewable materials that, when they are refined, have a similar structure to fossil diesel and can help solve the current problem of net new GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. associated with fossil fuels. The HVO is an alternative diesel obtained from recycled oil and natural fats, mainly from sources such as used cooking oil.

HVO Ready Products.
Proceso del HVO con el uso de productos HVO Ready

This oil is collected directly from the hospitality sector (hotels, bars and restaurants) and from clean points in the cities, where the oil consumed in homes and other businesses is usually deposited.

The recovered oils are subjected to a chemical treatment that uses hydrogen as a catalyst, resulting in a biofuel chemically very similar to diesel and from renewable origin.

HVO Ready

At Inpro we like to take risks and for this reason, we have bet on the use of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil with our HVO Ready products.

Our equipment automatically transfers the HVO from the tanks to the consumption point..

When this green diesel is used in our HVO Ready products, it implies an easy and efficient transition from this sustainable fuel, since it does not require any modification in its components, therefore it does not envolvel any economic expense. HVO is the diesel of the future and at INPRO we are prepared for it.

All our products are tried and tested with this fuel of the future and work perfectly without suffering any long-term deterioration.

Some HVO Ready Products

Benefits of using HVO in our products

HVO Sustainability.

This alternative diesel helps reducing the carbon emissions and combat climate change.

HVO compatibility.

HVO can be used in our existing equipment and engines without significant modifications.

HVO Efficiency.

Offering performance and efficiency comparable to conventional diesel.

HVO Reability.

This fuel guarantees trouble-free operation and a long life of the equipment.

How is HVO different from other diesel fuels?

Differences of the HVO and anothers .


Advantages of HVO over conventional diesel and over B100

News about HVO 

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

Germany wants to lead the use of HVO

Germany is one of the largest producers of biofuels in the world. The government introduced a new law.

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

Advantages of HVO compared to conventional diesel & B100

The advantages that HVO offers over conventional diesel and over other biofuels, such as FAME or B100.

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

HVO and Data Centers, a winner blend

It is no longer new how at Inpro we have joined the implementation of HVO in critical facilities.

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

At Inpro, we are committed to HVO

It currently shows great promise as a renewable energy source for diesel engines.

News about HVO and Data Centers in Europe and UAE

A UK data center operator has adopted HVO

UAE data center adopts biofuel

Is there enough HVO to go around?

Who is adopting HVO?

Companies expand to London and Manchester data centers

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