Is there enough HVO to go around?

The total amountable of renewable fuel is small compared to overall fuel use

It is still unclear whether an operator would be able to guarantee an adequate and continuous refueling supply during long grid outages. Despite the correlation between supply and production, HVO remains a small contribution compared to other fuels. In the UK, for instance, approximately 2.26 billion liters of renewable fuel were supplied in 2022, with only seven percent of that being HVO, while the majority of the remainder consisted of biodiesel and bioethanol.

Renewable fuel only makes up a small portion of the total fuel used. In the UK, 30 billion liters of diesel and 18 billion liters of petrol are consumed annually, while only 2.26 billion liters account for roughly seven percent of total road and non-road mobile machinery.

The feedstock supply is generally good. Some first-generation biofuels are synthesized using oil from purpose-grown produce – palm, sugarcane, soybeans etc. The treated oil in HVO – known as a second-generation biofuel – is usually sourced from the likes of tall oil [a by-product of wood pulp manufacture], rapeseed oil, waste cooking oil, and animal fats.

Source: Data Center Dynamics – June 27, 2023.

At Inpro we also offer customised solutions and equipment (which are HVO compatible) for Critical Facilities projects in Europe.

News about hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

Germany wants to lead the use of HVO

Germany is one of the largest producers of biofuels in the world. The government introduced a new law.

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

Advantages of HVO compared to conventional diesel & B100

The advantages that HVO offers over conventional diesel and over other biofuels, such as FAME or B100.

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

HVO and Data Centers, a winner blend

It is no longer new how at Inpro we have joined the implementation of HVO in critical facilities.

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

At Inpro, we are committed to HVO

It currently shows great promise as a renewable energy source for diesel engines.

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