UAE data center adopts biofuel to power its backup generators

UAE’s Khazna to adopt HVO for generators

UAE data center firm Khazna is to adopt biofuel to power its backup generators. The pilot’s first stage will involve blending biofuel with traditional diesel fuel and monitoring performance. After that, Khazna intends to implement biofuel across all of its data centers.

While the company didn’t say specifically, Khazna is likely looking to use hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). HVO is a low-emission biofuel that promises high performance without the need to replace or customize diesel gen-sets. It is a drop-in fuel that can be blended with fossil fuel diesel as required.

A growing number of companies are looking to diesel alternatives as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and green their backup operations.

Amazon has adopted the fuel in Ireland and Sweden. UK operators Kao, DataVita, and Datum, the US’ Compass, as well as Belgium’s LCL, and Latvia’s DEAC, are adopting HVO as fuel for their backup generators.

Digital Realty’s French unit has also adopted HVO for its new PAR8 site in Paris as well as in Madrid, Spain, and plans to expand its use across the continent in the near future. Pure and Vantage are also HVO users, while Equinix has said it is doing a trial with the fuel.

Source: Data Center Dynamics– October 19, 2023.

At Inpro we also offer customised solutions and equipment (which are HVO compatible) for Data Centers in the UAE.

News about hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO)

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

Germany wants to lead the use of HVO

Germany is one of the largest producers of biofuels in the world. The government introduced a new law.

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

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Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

HVO and Data Centers, a winner blend

It is no longer new how at Inpro we have joined the implementation of HVO in critical facilities.

Alemania quiere liderar el uso del HVO.

At Inpro, we are committed to HVO

It currently shows great promise as a renewable energy source for diesel engines.

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