Huawei (Cameroon)


The following project was a big challenge, not only in terms of the height at which the systems were located, but also in terms of the project requirements for fire and overflow control in such a singular building, a unique facility.

Solution adopted by INPRO

It was necessary that the automation and control of the diesel supply needs be done from the main tank to the daily tanks in each of the three generators located at different levels.


  • Main tank control: EDM-40 probe with display
  • Leaks detection: DDP-25 interstitial chamber detector
  • Pump system: Discharge Pump with bypass & Motorized valves
  • 2 x fuel pump FP 20 ZW Atex
  • 2 x fuel polishing systems SAFA
  • Solenoid valves: control the filling process & Alarm Kit
  • PLC control system (CAG+)
  • Collector tray with leak detector
  • Level switches SMMR-3 and Flow meter

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