Training for international companies: we received the visit from Anglo Nordic

Customised training service for partner companies

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, at Inpro we offer a customised training service designed for our clients, collaborators and partners, both to national and international companies. This training service is adapted to the specific needs of our partners or product distributors with whom we collaborate.

The programme covers everything from the presentation of sales and marketing arguments to the manufacturing process, installation and operation of our fuel transfer units, as well as equipment for the control and monitoring of liquid fuel tanks.

Our partner Anglo Nordic, a British company, visits our factory

Recently, we had the pleasure to welcome new employees of our collaborators from the English company Anglo Nordic in our factory located in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) Spain. With Anglo Nordic we have had the opportunity to participate in several projects of critical facilities in the UK over the last few years.

During the training period, the new colleagues from Anglo Nordic team had the opportunity to witness the operation of our factory to familiarise themselves with the assembly processes of our products.

In addition, they received personalised training both on commercial aspects, given by our Export Manager, and on technical aspects of products, led by our Product Engineers.

Presentation of the solution “Remote monitoring with IOT”

The Anlgo team had also the opportunity to receive a training session offered by our IoT Managers and IT Developer, focused on our Inpro Cloud platform. This tool digitises and connects unattended equipment in order to monitor it remotely and manage critical signals. They also received information about our Inpro Connected line of equipment.

Thanks to the Anglo Nordic team for the visit!

And thanks to our expert team at Inpro for making these trainings possible:

Anglo Nordic: a UK-based supplier of heating and ventilation components

Anglo Nordic, a leading UK supplier of heating and ventilation components, has demonstrated extensive knowledge and rapid response, ensuring the confidence of customers and projects requiring our equipment in the UK.

Since 1958, they have been supplying innovative heating components and solutions to manufacturers, stockists and distributors in the oil and gas sectors, as well as a complete range of domestic, commercial and industrial fans, controls and accessories. With an extensive catalogue, Anglo Nordic covers all of its customers’ heating needs.

Anglo Nordic has been a distributor of our products and our partner for critical installation projects for several years.

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