International customer and partner training: GECE and ROTATRON

Exclusive training service for international companies

At Inpro we have a personalised training service that we offer to national and international clients with whom we collaborate. To teach commercial sales arguments, the process of installation and operation of our transfer systems for diesel oil, equipment for consumption control in burners and emergency generators…

This training service we provide is adapted to the needs of our partners or distributors of our products. The training can take place at our factory in Madrid (Spain) or our team can travel to the location of the company requesting assistance.

Customised training for international clients at our facilities

A few days ago we had the pleasure to receive in our factory in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) our partners from the French company ROTATRON INDUSTRIE and the Saudi company GECE.

French company Rotatron Industrie visits our factory

ROTATRON INDUSTRIE is a French company specialized in the design and manufacture of standard and customized tanks and fluid systems for all genset projects. In recent years, its expertise has also developed in the field of GE backup systems for data centers.

During several meetings, the ROTATRON INDUSTRIE team was able to see the operation of our factory to learn about the assembly processes of our products. They also received personalized training both from the commercial side, given by our Export Manager, and from the technical perspective, given by our International Engineer. Also they had the chance to talk about potencial Marketing actions making togehter.

Visit a case study: Data Center in Madrid, project with INPRO equipment

During the training days, we also accompanied them to one of the data center projects that we have recently carried out in Madrid, where we showed them the entire installation of our equipment for the transfer of fuel in critical installations, to see products such as: GP-GC, High Flow Pressure Units or SAFA Automatic Filters, among others.

Thank you for your visit Thierry MINGASSON and Marie Capillla!

Saudi company GETE-GECE visits our factory

GETE-GECE is a Saudi Arabian company that is part of GASCO Qatar, one of the leading companies in energy solutions in Qatar. With this company we have a partnership that allows us to market our solutions for critical facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Suhaib Banat – GECE Project Manager – received customized training in the commercial area, given by our Export team and in the technical area by our International Engineer. During his visit he also had meetings with our Marketing team, he was able to observe the manufacturing process of our products and exchange technical knowledge with our factory colleagues.


GETE-GECE visits a Data Center project in Madrid

During the training days, Suhaib Banat had the valuable opportunity to explore one of the data center projects in Madrid. During this visit, we presented him with a complete overview of our fuel transfer equipment installations in critical facilities. During the visit, we highlighted products such as GP-GC, High Flow Pressure Units, and SAFA Automatic Filters, among others.

Thank you for your visit Suhaib Banat!

Thank you to the experts at Inpro for helping to make this happen.


Providing customized training on fuel transfer and measurement and control products can offer several advantages and benefits for our international customers:

1. Optimization of the use and better understanding of INPRO products.

2. Adaptation to specific needs.

3. Confidence building.

4. Reduction of mistakes and misunderstandings and Prevention of Operative Problems.

5. Regulatory Compliance and Conformity with International Standards.

6. Improved Security.

7. Fast implementation.

8. Competitive differentiation.

9. Direct feedback.

10. Continuous support.

11. Client Empowerment.

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