Training for Hospital projects in Manchester (England)

Training for hospital projects in England

A few days ago we traveled to England, specifically to Manchester, to offer our personalized training service for hospital projects to the Centrica Business Solutions team. This company is a large installer and maintainer that is part of the Centrica plc group, which includes companies such as British Gas. Centrica Business Solutions is focused on improving the sustainability and operational efficiency of energy-related facilities.

Personalized training by Inpro

As we have already commented in previous news, at Inpro we have a personalized and exclusive training service for our clients, partners or companies with whom we collaborate. This training can be given by our team in our factory in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) or we can travel to the company location that requests this service, which can be in different languages, Spanish, English, French or German.

On this occasion, we traveled to Manchester (England) for giving practical training to the Centrica Business Solutions team about the Inpro systems range for critical installations, based on references from cases studies in the United Kingdom and other countries. Our commercial director of International Export – José María Samplon -and our international engineer Carlos Romero were in charge of carrying out this training for these english company members, who showed interest in the available technical documentation and in the 2D and 3D graphic files that we provided to accompany their offers and projects. On the other hand, this training is given both in face-to-face and online format.

Public Hospital Projects

Centrica Business Solutions is immersed in a plan to update several public hospitals in the United Kingdom, they are participating in a public tender by the enlgish government to carry out remodel in 8 public hospitals. Of these hospitals, this year we have already collaborated on the first two projects – Birmingham and Wycombe – together with our friends and partners from Anglo Nordic company, with whom we carry out technical proposals for transfer and fuel control with numerous specific accessories for the English market.

More information about Anglo Nordic 

Anglo Nordic is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of heating and ventilation components. Their extensive knowledge of these products and fast response time ensures that they can be trusted for all customer and project equipment requires in this area. 

Since 1958 they have been supplying innovative heating components and solutions to original equipment manufacturers, stockists and distributors in the oil and gas sectors. Now, they also supply a full range of domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation fans, components, controls and accessories. In 2009 they became part of the Flowmax Group. Anglo Nordic offers its customers a wide catalog that covers the entire range of heating products.

More information about Centrica Business Solutions 

Centrica Business Solutions is a leading provider of energy, end-to-end solutions and services that drive technology adoption as well as new distributed energy sources. It is dedicated to solving the organizations energy challenges seeking a balance between the planet needs and economic benefit. His focus includes the construction, operation and maintenance of large-scale energy assets, such as solar photovoltaic systems and combined heat and power. In this way, they help organizations reduce their carbon footprint and achieve significant savings.

In addition, they offer various renewable and carbon-free electricity and gas supply options, adapted to the requirements and budget of their customers, thus helping to lay the foundations for a more sustainable future with less environmental impact.

If you want to be a distributor of our products or need personalized training on projects for your team, whether at a national level in Spain ( or internationally ( , you can contact us by filling out this form:

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