Inpro continues its expansion in Saudi Arabia

Business expansion in Saudi Arabia

At Inpro we continue our expansion in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the agreement with our local partner GETE-GECE, a company that is part of GASCO Qatar, one of the leading companies in energy solutions in Qatar. Proof of the extraordinary collaborative relationship that we have with our friends and partners of GETE-GECE, is the workshop we recently held in Riyadh, which was attended by more than a dozen technical managers of Saudi companies related to this sector.

In addition, we were one of the 7 Spanish companies selected to participate in the conference organized by AMEC (Spanish association of internationalized industrial companies) with the Chamber of Commerce of Riyadh and Dammam in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy and ICEX, which was attended by more than 70 companies related to the industrial infrastructure sector.

Technical Seminar in Saudi Arabia organized by AMEC

Inpro is pleased to have participated in the event “Technical Seminar in Saudi Arabia” organized by AMEC, association in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain, and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh and Dammam.

 This conference allowed us to learn about the main projects in Saudi Arabia, a country with the largest economy in the Middle East and with high growth forecasts.

In recent times we have had an increase in sales and projects in this country and, in addition, we have a collaboration agreement with some local partners, to participate together in Critical Facilities projects that require fuel transfer solutions, and measurement and control systems.

Throughout that week we participated in conferences, company presentations and networking meetings organized one by one by AMEC and the Embassy with the Chamber of Riyadh and Dammam, with the collaboration and funding of ICEX.

We had the opportunity to present our company INPRO to more than 70 Saudi companies. The events of the Spanish Chamber of Riyadh and Damman were attended by only 7 companies from Spain that were selected to showcase their products and projects, including Inpro.

Nuestro compañero y director comercial de exportaciones– José María Samplón-  realizó una exposición sobre las soluciones que ofrecemos en proyectos de Data Centers, Hospitales y Aeropuertos a los asisitentes al evento en Riad y en Damman

Our colleague and export sales managerJosé María Samplón – gave a presentation on the solutions we offer for Data Center, Hospital and Airport projects to the attendees of the event in Riyadh and Damman.

En la Jornada Técnica, también nos representaron nuestro ingeniero internacional, Carlos Romero Blanco y nuestra CO-CEO Cristina Sanz Ortiz.

Our international engineer Carlos Romero Blanco and our CO-CEO Cristina Sanz Ortiz also represented us at the Technical Seminar.

Fuel Control Systems Workshop

We have a strategic alliance with our GECE-GETE partners , which allows us to commercialize our solutions in this market, at the same time that we develop projects together in Riyadh and Dammam, in facilities such as airports or hospitals. In this way, our company becomes your main supplier for this type of customized systems and control for the control processes of your projects.

The “Fuel Control System and Monitoring Technologies” Workshop was held in the training center of GETE and GECE office, in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Where the showroom with a sample of our products is located.


The objective of this workshop was to enrich users with valuable information on custom engineered solutions. These solutions can be applied in the automatic supply of boilers and power generation plants in:

  • Hospitals

  • Data Centers

  • Offices

  • Airports

  • Residential buildings

  • Malls, among others.

We would like to thank all those who attended the event, Suhaib Banat – GECE Project Manager-, the entire GECE team and our colleagues for the work done in Saudi Arabia.

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