Amazing experience at Big 5 Saudi 2024: Strengthening our presence in the Saudi market

Exploring new opportunities and connections at the Big 5 Saudi Construct 2024

As we have done in recent years, we recently had the opportunity to exhibit at the international Big 5 Saudi fair in their capital Riyadh. This event, internationally recognised as one of the most important in the field of construction in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, provided us with an invaluable platform to network, discover innovations and strengthen business relationships.

We establish business relationships with future customers

For our Inpro team, the experience at the fair was deeply enriching. For several days, we had the pleasure of meeting with collaborators and partners, sharing experiences while exploring new ways of collaboration. These re-encounters consolidated our business relationships, laying the foundations for future projects and partnerships.

In addition to the reunions, the show gave us the opportunity to network with a wide range of potential new customers. As we presented our latest innovations and solutions for critical facilities, we were excited about the possibility of forming new partnerships and contributing to the success of future projects. These meetings not only expanded our network of contacts, but also inspired us to continue to raise the standard of excellence in everything we do.

Introducing our fuel backup solutions for critical facilities

One of the most fascinating aspects of our participation in Big 5 Construct Saudi 2024 was the opportunity to learn and discover more about this sector in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. By interacting with other companies in the sector, we were able to gain valuable information on the latest trends, technologies and business practices. This exchange of knowledge will allow us to further improve our products and services, keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

We are very happy to have been able to showcase our fuel backup solutions for hospitals, data centers and airports in this market and to continue to grow our exports.

We would like to thank all those who visited us at our stand.

We also thank our colleagues from Inpro for the great work done at this exhibition: José María Samplon –Export Manager-, Carlos Romero –International engineer- and Cristina Sanz Co-CEO and Business Development Manager.

And to the team of our colleagues from GECE-GETE accompanied by Suhaib Banat and Mr. Abdulla from GASCO Qatar.

We showcase our automatic fuel polishing system and monitoring and control systems in Saudi Arabia

At this event we had the opportunity to present some of our latest product innovations.:

As is the case with our innovative SAFA automatic fuel polishing system, it is the solution for the automated treatment of diesel guaranteeing its maintenance in optimum conditions at all times, as it covers any filtration need:

  • Filters both solid and liquid contaminants

  • Ensures fuel reliability

  • Ensures prevention of microbial contamination

  • Can be integrated into other security systems that issue alarms in case of contamination detection

Other products we highlighted at this fair were:

– LMW Leak detector  (Wall mounting version) + oil collecting tray: security and control system that detects the presence of liquids in its infrared sensor, activating or deactivating the desired device.

– Some monitoring and control systems:

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