Automatic fuel polishing system: SAFA, MiniSAFA and MicroSAFA

Automatic fuel Polishing system

At INPRO we have a range of products for Automatic fuel  polishing system for diesel tanks. This range consists of the SAFA, MiniSAFA and MicroSAFA products. These are automatic systems for the treatment of diesel, which have the function of separating the water present in the fuel and eliminating solid particles in suspension. As well as, they homogenize and oxygenate the fuel thanks to its recirculation and prevent the proliferation of bacteria that are so harmful to the installation.

Why are these filter system products so good?

Keeping the fuel in adequate conditions, to meet any need that occurs is one more link in the chain that must work and, if any failure occurs, all the functionality of the system is broken. It will be useless to have redundancies in equipment, if the fuel is contaminated and cannot perform its function.

In critical facilities such as Hospitals, Control Towers, Data Centers, among others, functionality becomes a security problem, to the point where human lives can be put at risk. Therefore, having an automated system that ensures that the fuel is in optimal conditions is a necessity that in many cases is not subject to discussion. Currently, there are few companies internationally that manufacture this automatic filtering system and we at INPRO have had these exclusive products in our catalog for a few years.

Why using the SAFA, the MiniSAFA or the MicroSAFA can save a bomb?

The function of a SAFA filtering system is to maintain the fuel in optimal conditions in an automated way, so that when it needs to be used, it can fulfill its function correctly.

Inpro’s SAFA systems are responsible for filtering both solid and liquid contaminants. Fuels such as DIESEL tend to capture water from the environment, and the presence of water, in addition to reducing fuel performance, favors the proliferation of bacteria, which degrade this fuel. These bacteria can block burners, affect the gaskets and seals of different components such as pumps, and endanger the entire system.

Advantages of automatic polishing filter systems

SAFA systems therefore offer the following advantages:

These filtering systems can ensure the reliability of the fuel by keeping it for long periods of time in the tanks.

Maintenance personnel are not required to perform filtering tasks manually and periodically.

They can be integrated into other security systems that emit alarms in case of detecting extraordinary contamination.

Comparative table: automatic fuel polishing systems

Technical characteristics of SAFA, MiniSAFA and MicroSAFA:


SAFA PRODUCT – Automatic fuel polishing system for diesel tanks

Recommended for tanks that require more force to move the fuel or to work with several tanks at the same time – Up to 7 main tanks.

The SAFA is an automatic particle microfiltration and water drainage system in diesel storage tanks. This system is configured and has all the necessary elements to control the filtering protocol of the three currently existing tanks. The filtering system controls the suction and return solenoid valves to the different main tanks, current and future. All maneuvers and alarms are shown on the PLC screen and through mod-bus. The SAFA has up to 7 main deposits.

The status of the SAFA filter system is shown on the PLC screen. On this screen you can select and modify the working modes for the SAFA, see alarms and cancel the system. Selecting the automatic filtering mode, you can select the days from Monday to Sunday, and the desired start time. Whereas, if the manual filtering mode is chosen, the deposit to be filtered can be selected on the automaton screen.

Importance of SAFA installation 

Installing the SAFA filtering system in a fuel tank is important, since it guarantees the prevention of microbial contamination, in facilities with greater capacity and fuel storage yards.

PRODUCT MiniSAFA – Automatic water separation system in diesel tanks

Recommended for tanks up to 50,000 liters of accumulation

The MiniSAFA is an automatic filtering system for the separation of water in diesel tanks, it eliminates the water produced by condensation, oxygenates, homogenizes the fuel thanks to its recirculation and prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and yeasts that are so harmful to the installation.

Importance of MiniSAFA installation

The installation of the MiniSafa in a fuel tank is necessary to solve the problem of microbial contamination in fuel storage tanks. It is the ideal solution to all these problems in medium-sized installations, especially in main tanks, due to the low fuel turnover.

PRODUCT MicroSAFA – Automatic system for the treatment of diesel stored in tanks 

Recommended for tanks of up to 1,000 Lts.

The MicroSAFA is an automatic system for diesel treatment. This system consists of the separation of water present in the fuel, the elimination of solid particles in suspension, homogenizes and oxygenates the fuel thanks to its recirculation and prevents the proliferation of bacteria that are so harmful to the installation.

Importance of MicroSAFA installation

The MicroSAFA system is the ideal preventive solution to solve bacterial contamination problems in a fuel tank. This filtering system is essential, especially in emergency generators and equipment with low fuel rotation. Since it eliminates the solid particles and the existing water in the tanks through a decanter filter. In addition, the system is equipped with a linear module that puts the bacteria to sleep and limits their ability to proliferate.

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