Inditex Logistic Center (Netherlands)


The main objective of the system is to carry out effective monitoring and control over the different elements of the installation and to carry out their communication to a global BMS management system.

Solution adopted by INPRO

The installation is composed of a double pump unit as well and four electric generators with their corresponding daily tanks with the safety devices and their return single pump units.


  • Tank control: EDM-40 probe with display
  • Leak detection: DDP-25 interstitial chamber detector
  • Pump system: 2 x fuel pump GP-3200 GET
  • 4 x overflow return pumps
  • Solenoid & By-pass valves
  • CAG+ control system & Pump control cabinet
  • Alarm KIT
  • Collector tray with leak detector
  • Pressure and Level switches SMMR

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