Hospital 12 de Octubre boiler supply

Project Requirements

The next project was building a technical building next to the Doce de Octubre Hospital (Madrid) to cover the needs of all general services regarding heating, sanitary hot water and steam generation. The purpose was covering the Gas Oil supply needs of 6 heating boilers and 2 steam generators with mixed, modulating burners.

Inpro Solution

We opted to place vacuum detectors with regenerative pump in the supply tank as well as in the main tanks, thus preventing false alarms. Controlling and installing a vacuum system is more effective than installing a pressure or fluid system. In conclusion, we chose to install a DDP-25 double-skinned detector according to standard EN 13160-1, Class 1.

Given the need for suctioning from 4 main tanks with a single ring pumping system, the suction of each tank must be controlled with a control panel with the ability to differentiate which tanks need suction and which ones need returns. A control panel that carried out the operations below was designed, consisting of 4 EDM-40 meters that thanks to their flexibility can check the level of the tanks and control the opening and closing of the solenoid valves and, at the same time, send the analog signals corresponding to the management system, trigger the filling warning kits upon unloading the truck in order to prevent spillage and in compliance with the applicable regulations regarding fuel storage IP-04.

Pipes were selected according to the criteria of standard DIN 4755 indicating that gas oil speed in propulsion pipes must be between 1 and 1.5 m/s and in suction pipes between 0.2 and 0.5m/s. Any leaks in the connections of the pumping system will be detected by an infrared spillage detector that will interrupt the operation of the unit, thus preventing an increased rate of incidents and triggering the alarm in the management system via a digital spillage signal.

The selected pump system consisted of 2 self-priming 10,000 L/h motor pumps, with double filter, safety and retention valves, spill collection trays with infrared detectors as well as minimum pressure switch to avoid no-load operation.


  • Probe EDM40

  • Interstitial chamber detector DDP-25

  • Oil pump system“INPRO” ATAM-GE

  • Collector tray with spillage detector

  • Solenoid valves 

  • Level Switch – SMMR

  • Pump with retention valve

  • Pressure regulator valve

  • Pyrometer

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