Telefónica DATA Processing Center

Project Requirements

The project consisted of automating and controlling the Gas Oil supply needs of 25 Emergency Power Generator Units from two main tanks, one for each line, and a reserve tank for the daily service tanks of each power generator unit.

Inpro Solution

Two 80 m3 oil storage tanks were planned and installed, buried inside a concrete bund in the area stated in the installation plans with easy access for filling the bund. A 30 m3 gas oil storage tank was planned, meant to provide a reserve tank to supply the others.

Pipe lines were selected according to the criteria of standard DIN 4755 indicating that gas oil speed in propulsion pipes must be between 1 and 1.5 m/s and in suction pipes between 0.2 and 0.5m/s. The adopted solution neutralizes the pressure in the line when the system is idle. Operation without pressure limits the possibility of spills, so a leak detection, containment and management system was installed in the entire facility, which allowed communication with the management system and a verification option. In the pump rooms, the collector trays of the pump systems are controlled with infrared sensors.

We opted to place vacuum detectors with regenerative pump in the supply tank as well as in the main tanks, thus preventing false alarms. Controlling and installing a vacuum system is more effective than installing a pressure or fluid system. In conclusion, we chose to install a DDP-25 double-skinned detector according to standard EN 13160-1, Class 1.

With this in mind, two pump systems were designed to supply sides A and B independently, consisting of: Two 4000 L/f self-priming motor pumps, each with flow adjustment, double-filtering collector, safety valves, retention valves, pressure transducer and spillage collector tray with infrared detector.


  • Probe EDM40
  • Interstitial chamber detector DDP-25
  • Oil pump system“INPRO” ATAM-GE
  • Collector tray with spillage detector
  • Solenoid valves
  • Level switch – SMMR
  • Meter 
  • Pump with retention valve 

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