Data centres increasing use of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO)

In many facilities it is essential to use fuels to operate the installed equipment as an alternative to the equipment that requires electricity. This is the case of data centers, which have alternative equipment to provide backup power. In other words, in the event of a energy blackout, hich automatically switches off the equipment that runs on fuel as a source of energy. One type of fuel used in these products can be hydrogenated vegetable oil.

HVO as an alternative to diesel for providing backup power

Hydrogenated vegetable oil, also known as HVO or green diesel, is a synthetic biodiesel made from vegetable oils and fats, such as resin oil, soybean oil, used cooking oil and animal fats.

The use of HVO as a fuel is increasing in data centers internationally. In the Nordic countries, the Netherlands and the UK, more and more data centres are using hydrogenated vegetable oil as an alternative to diesel to provide backup power. The adoption of this biofuel improves sustainability in data centers by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, without the need to replace pre-existing generators.

Inpro equipment is compatible with hydrogenated vegetable oil

At Inpro we have extensive experience in offering energy solutions for data centers with liquid fuels, such as HVO, since our equipment is 100% compatible with this biofuel:

Inpro bets on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) on its products

Inpro manufactures equipment that is 100% HVO compatible

Germany wants to lead the use of HVO

Providers increase HVO supply

In Spain, many oil companies are increasing the sale and supply of hydrogenated vegetable oil, as is the case of CEPSA. This company has started supplying HVO to professional customers, both at its service stations and directly at the facilities of several companies, with the aim of offering them sustainable solutions adapted to their needs.

HVO suppliers claim that it is a 100% renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic fuel. And they believe it is a readily available resource, where long-term supply is guaranteed, so it can effectively and quickly reduce emissions.

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