South Africa’s Data Center Growth

South Africa achieves strong position in African data center industry

South Africa is one of the countries on the African continent with the largest presence in the data center industry. Companies in Africa are increasing their investments in data centers, as they are becoming increasingly digitalized and require more storage space in the cloud.

South Africa is considered an important connectivity hub for digital networks. With its 2,850 kilometers of coastline, the country has a significant network of submarine communication cables that establish strategic links between different countries and continents.

International business investment in South Africa

Several international companies will expand their data center facilities in Africa, as is the case of ADC (Africa Data Centers), which plans to invest in ten new data centers in the coming years.

The multinational Equinix will also participate in the African market by investing heavily in the construction of a data center in Johannesburg (South Africa).

Inpro’s case studies in Africa

At Inpro we have extensive experience in the implementation of data center projects. We develop customized engineering solutions for power generation plants in critical facilities in several countries.

Data center information

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