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Multiple supply to individual boilers with pressure unit

Category: HVAC –Industrial and commercial Heat production

Multiple supply to individual boilers with pressure unit

Requirements and needs of the customer

To supply the burners, two double-pump, automatically alternating pressure units are assembled. They are able to suction from either main tank, according to the gas oil level available in each of them. The main condition and precaution to be taken into account when designing the installation is preventing air from entering into the supply pipes and the burners for maintenance reasons or emptying of the line due to a fault. If this happens, purging all boilers would take a lot of work. For this reason, our goal is automatically isolating each burner in case of pressure drop.
To ensure supply after all incidents, the second parallel pressure unit starts operation. Its suction pipe is independent, so if a unit is out of service, the second unit takes care of the entire flow. This operation is managed with the control panel.
Other condition to consider was controlling consumption in each burner with a gas oil meter, with the disadvantage of having to do the readings remotely, without creating a need of accessing each home for periodical consumption readings.

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