Research study certifies that Inpro manufactures 100% HVO-compatible equipment

A research study certifies that Inpro manufactures 100% HVO-complatible equipment

Inpro announces that their products, systems and solutions are ready to run on hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a hydrogen-treated vegetable-based fuel with characteristics very similar to mineral diesel.  These advances regarding the usability, implementation, implementation and compatibility of the HVO have been possible thanks to the research study carried out by José Carlos Celi López, Mining Engineer by the UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) who, for more than 2 years, has developed in Inpro’s facilities in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) and in the laboratories of the UPM.

Thanks to the research work that has been carried out for more than 2 years in the company’s facilities, it has been possible to prove the effectiveness of using HVO oil in the equipment itself.

The ecological transition from diesel to HVO is a reality in other sectors. Its compatibility has already been demonstrated for generators in industry and heavy machinery, but it is still a field in the exploration phase for equipment installed in critical facilities (data processing centers, airports, hospitals, etc.) and that is exactly where the company Inpro is, in the testing stage in some projects already completed, such as a hospital in France and a data center in England, which already operate with HVO in their fuel transfer equipment.

However, it is these small changes in the industries that will generate, in the medium and long term, the great benefits for society. In Spain there are already two production plants, one in Cartagena, Murcia province (Repsol) and the other in Huelva, Andalusia (Cepsa), which will soon start producing this fuel.


Data Centers


A research study with fieldwork at Inpro

The objective of this research work at Inpro is none other than to move towards the use of HVO as a fuel for all types of machinery, and thus reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Through field studies carried out at Inpro’s facilities in Arganda del Rey, Madrid, in which the transfer of HVO in Inpro equipment was simulated, the aim was to observe how the new fuel affects this equipment.

And the company is launching its “HVO Ready” product campaign. Celi López has tested how the materials used in this type of equipment behave, paying special attention to nitrile rubber and viton as they are in greater contact with the HVO oil fuel, instead of diesel fuel. These tests were carried out both on equipment already operating with the usual fuel and on new equipment. The highlight of this research so far is that, whether using HVO in new equipment or performing the GOC->HVO sequence, the equipment continued to function perfectly and no equipment failure was observed.

Some HVO Ready products

GP 30

GP 70  N

GPS 70 N



In the words of Cristina Sanz, Co-CEO of Inpro: “The results of this research are great news for Inpro, one more proof to consider that HVO is the ecological and sustainable oil of the future, even more so after proving that it is compatible with our equipment, that it is efficient, does not pollute and has a storage life 10 times longer than standard diesel”. She adds: “Our long history has shown us that you have to know how to adapt to change and be well prepared, so we will continue to innovate every day to offer our clients the best solutions and develop products that are best suited to this new era”.


Specialists in racking systems for more than 50 years

Since 1972, Inpro has specialized in the design and manufacture of diesel fuel transfer systems, equipment for the measurement and control of maneuvers in hydrocarbon tanks and other fluids, and consumption control in burners and emergency generators.

The company also carries out projects for remote monitoring of diesel oil levels.

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