RIU Atoll Resort in Maafushi (Maldivas)

Project Requirements: 

In 2019, in collaboration with the engineering department of the Sri Lanka company SNK Lanka, we designed to transfer diesel fuel to the fuel pump room at RIU Hotel and Resort in the Maldives.

The customer requested fuel transfer pumps that were to supply at least 20l/min of “light” diesel fuel at 300kPa. Each of these fuel transfer pumps was to have an automatic control system, and be set up to operate alternately in “duty” and “standby” mode.

Inpro Solution: 

One of the customer’s requirements was that the fuel transfer pumps operation should be interchanged when there is a changeover operation between the 3 pump skids.

Same triplex FP pump principle was operating for the fuel purifier SAFA starion , to all the 5 storage tanks.

FP transfer pumps are positive displacement type, with high quality cast iron body, allowing flexibility in the distances from pump room to storage area.

The service fuel transfer pumps shall be activated when the fuel level in the daily tank falls below 50% of the daily tank capacity, they shall automatically cut off.

After studying the project and taking into consideration the customer’s technical specifications, we offered our fuel transfer solutions.


  • Inpro FP 570 triplex fuel pumps for 2 x 5.300 l/h

  • Inpro FP 570 duplex fuel pumps for 1 x 3.400 l/h

  • CAG- Pumpset control cabinets , fuel dispensing cabinets and oil handling equipment

  • Inpro SAFA x 2 fuel polishing systems

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