Expansion of the Spanish Antarctic Base Juan Carlos I

Project Requirements

In 2016, and in collaboration with the engineering department of the organization responsible for systems and supply at the Juan Carlos I Antarctic Base, a system was designed to transfer arctic diesel from the tanks located in the unloading area of the supply vessel to the tanks for daily use. A distance of 440 linear meters must be bridged with a difference in level of 20 meters and the flow needs were estimated at 2,000 lts/h according to the consumption and delimiting the transfer times to defined work windows.

Inpro Solution

To meet the flow and pressure requirements necessary to meet the demanding specifications for the special characteristics of the installation, an ATAM-2-100 GET was manufactured, configured according to DIN EN 12514-1 and adapted for the marine environment.

The equipment develops a flow rate of 2,100 lts/h with a maximum pressure of 10 bar and was equipped with the usual safety measures to try to avoid and detect possible spills, infrared probes in the tray, overpressure safety valve led to the tank and low pressure detection; essential, given the environment where the base is located.

The safety measures were completed with the installation of the systems in watertight cabinets and jacketed, insulated and electrically temperature-traced piping.

The tranfer is done by manual start-up and the tanks are equipped with level probes with double safety at 90% and 95%, cutting the power supply of the ATAM filling system and triggering alarms, in order to try to avoid overfilling if the manual control should fail or be omitted for any reason.


  • Transfer system ATAM-2100 GET
  • Safety valve incorporated in the ATAM
  • Infrared leak detector
  • Level switch probe – SMMR

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