Equinix in Barka (Oman)- Data Center

Project Requirements:

The project consisted of automating and controlling the Diesel supply needs of 4 Emergency Power Generator Units from two main tanks, crosslinked in N+N Tier IV redundancy system.

Equinix established the first neutral interconnection hub in Oman, making it easier for carriers, content providers and cloud providers to host their infrastructure.

This Equinix data center made it possible to provide data storage and interconnection services to customers in the Middle East and North Africa thanks to the construction of this state-of-the-art data centre.

Inpro Solution: 

4 interlinked diesel supply lines from 2 main tanks to 4x genset’s day tanks fitted at 2 different level. All controlled by a PLC based CAG+ panels, to provide dual master operation from each of the 2 panel.

Each main tank is equipped of water detectors, so it will be cancelled as supply line in case water is detected.


  • 2 Main tank control: EDM-40 probe with display

  • Leak detection: DDP-25 interstitial chamber detector

  • Pump system: 2 x duplex fuel pump FP50-GE

  • Motorised valves: control the filling/emptying process

  • 2x PLC control system (dual master, BMS linked)

  • Leak detection points with LMW infrared detector

  • Level switches SMMR

  • Flow meter MGI

  • Water deetection SMMR -W

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