Technical specifications from display and control unit

  • Protection rate: IP 67
  • Power consumption (display + probe) <30 Va.
  • Standard Electric supply: 230/115 Vac
  • Optional versions: 48/24 Vcc - 18/48 Vcc
  • Temperature range of function: 0º a 50ºC
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3
  • Security Norms: EN 61010-1
  • Material: PC-ABS
  • Measures (mm): 96 x 43 x 100 (DIN 43700)
  • Certifications: CE, UR, CSA

Technical specifications - Probe

  • Aluminium isolating head: 2”
  • Isolation rate: IP 65
  • Other optional connecting thread: 1”, 11/4” and 11/2”
  • Standard probe: flexible (Nylon)
  • Max temperature in flexible standard probe: 40ºC
  • Optional Inox (rigid): stainless steel AISI-316
  • Max temperature with stainless steel Probe: 125ºC
  • This manufacture definition is subject to change accordingly to specific installation needs.
EDM 40 EDM40 Inpro Tankcontrolsystem Selection Questionnaire


What should I do if the display flashes on negative?

Check the sensor probe cabling bridge between Indicator 4 and 5. If the error persists, change the polarity to sensor probes 3 and 7..

How do I regulate the analog output?

View the file “analog programming of the Edm-40”

How do I regulate the output relays?

View the file “programming Edm-40 relay changes”

What should I do if the numbers rise and fall quickly without making any sense? Or if EEE appears?

This means that there is damp in the sensor and its replacement is recommended

If you need to talk to customer services regarding errors in your ED-40P, please have the following information to hand:

The tank dimensions, the brand of probe outside the liquid, the brand of the probe submerged in the liquid and the probe length.