The View Hospital (Doha, Qatar)


The customer requested Fuel System fo Back up generators and Fuel Monitoring and Leak Detection system for various substations.


The complete installation consists of one fuel monitoring panel handling 3 duplex fuel supply systems to 6 gensets, controlling the automatic refill and reporting alarms to central BMS.

Each genset day tank is automatically refilled whenever level drops below 50% via a solenoid valve connected to the fuel monitoring panel.

All alerts (leak, low level, etc) are easily monitored at the CAG central fuel monitoring panel as well, according to the specific cause an effect protocol required.


    • Main tank control: EDM-40 probe with remote display at fill point
    • Leak detection: LMW for drip trays, sumps and interstitial chamber detection
    • Level switches SMMR with Solenoid valves: control the filling process
    • CAG fuel monitoring panel control system with all tanks level monitoring and dry relay BMS outputs.
    • Pressure and Flow meter and rest of fuel handling equipment

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