ODR- Olíudreifing (Iceland)- Fuel oil distribution company

Remote monitoring system solutions

ODR- Olíudreifing- Fuel oil distribution company in Iceland

Olíudreifing is the largest distributor of liquid fuels in Iceland, operating 17 storage facilities and transporting more than 70% of the fuel used in the country. Its core business is the distribution and inventory management of liquid fuels, sales and servicing of fuel equipment.

Project Requirements: 

This Icelandic fuel distribution company asked us to track the external consumption of their customers’ fluid reserves throughout the country. They required not only to monitor the status, but also to analyse the consumption to forecast the overall demand with their suppliers.

Inpro Solution: 

In this project, GSM tankalert + Ultrasonic Probe equipment was installed in the tanks and connected to our IoT platform Inpro Cloud to collect information about the monitoring and control of this product.

The Inpro Cloud platform in addition to viewing the location of the sensors installed in the tanks on the map of Iceland, also gives the option to view them on a map or by viewing a list.


Solution we gave to the ODR- company for 10 tanks:

Schematic of intelligent liquid monitoring (diesel, water, HVO, lubricants, antifreeze, etc.)

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