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The customer requested Fuel System for Back up generators and Fuel Monitoring and Leak Detection system for 3 Nos. of several paths sites:


The complete installation consists of different fuel supply systems for the gensets, controlled by a PLC. The whole installation has one or several main storage tanks with various capacities, with remote gauge display with siren at fillpoint.

The genset pipeline suck fuel from these main storage tank. The installation is composed of a double pump unit as well and multiple fuel burners and electric generators with their corresponding daily tanks with the safety devices and their return single pump units.

The PLC base fuel monitoring type CAG+ allow Modbus systems simple interconnection, also with central BMS for allowing alarm reporting, controlling the filling and supply protocols.


  • Main tank control: EDM-40 probe with display

  • Leak detection: LMW for drip trays, sumps and interstitial chamber detection

  • Level switches SMMR with Solenoid valves: control the filling process

  • CAG+ fuel monitoring panel PLC control system based

  • Pressure and Flow meter and rest of fuel handling equipment

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