Empresa Avanza (Alosa) Autocares y Autobuses in Zaragoza (Spain)

Remote monitoring system solutions


ALOSA, with a large part of the structure and its almost 200 coaches operating in Zaragoza and the rest of Aragon, is integrated into AVANZA: one of the main operators in the road passenger transport sector in Spain and a leading company in mobility.

Project Requirements:

This public transport company asked us to monitor the internal consumption of its diesel fuel tank reserves for refuelling coaches, in order to monitor the status and foresee the need to refill diesel when necessary.

Inpro Solution: 

Therefore, we installed a Tankalert GSM device for each diesel tank with its corresponding Ultrasonic Probe in each city or town where they have a tank. These devices were connected to our Inpro Cloud platform, where all the information about the diesel reserve level of the tanks is recorded.

Our Inpro Cloud platform monitors in real time, sends data to our platform once a day and provides a map on which you can see the exact location and level of each sensor in the tanks. If the diesel level of a tank is running low, a red “emoticon” sign appears on the map, while if the tank is full, the “emoticon” of the tank is green. However, our platform also has a “dashboard” section where the levels of each tank are specifically detailed.


Solution we provided to Alosa Bus Company for 5 depots:

Schematic of intelligent liquid monitoring (diesel, water, HVO, lubricants, antifreeze, etc.)

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