Quillota Petorca Biprovincial (Chile)


The customer requested gas oil pumping to the daily service tanks of the emergency or normal operation power generator units.

Solution adopted by INPRO

The boiler room installation is composed of two main storage tanks, two motorized valves, a twin pressure group, and five modulating inlet ramps for burners including pulse emission MGI gas oil meters. All equipment is controlled by a PLC.


  • Main tank control: EDM-40 probe
  • Leaks detection: DDP-25 interstitial chamber detector
  • Pump system: 1 x duplex fuel pump ATAM-GET (2.100 l/h)
  •            1 x duplex fuel pump GP-800 (800 l/h)
  • Pumpset control cabinets: Inpro CAG+
  • Alarm KIT
  • Solenoid valves: to control the filling process
  • Collector tray with leak detector
  • Level switch: SMMR

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