Inpro committed to digitalisation: New 3D product files available to engineers worldwide

New 3D product files available to engineers worldwide and allow designers to integrate directly Inpro products in their BIM projects

At Inpro we are starting a new stage in digitisation with the implementation of the 3D simulation service, thanks to which, from now on, the corresponding products and equipment documentation for installations will be developed in 3D together with all the files for each project. Through this new service, customers will be able to visualize in advance how their equipment installation and operation of its components will be with total precision.

The products are presented in 3D in order to visualize the entire process in the phase prior to their manufacture, from how all their components are assembled, to what the installation would be like in a real project.


Inpro, in its desire to always be at the forefront and offer innovative products, has recently incorporated to the engineering department professionals with extensive experience in the area of industrial design of 3D products, such as Omar Chacón.

Thanks to this expansion of the engineering team, Inpro can offer for the first time this service to its customers, a value-added service of the highest quality that allows them to have a better understanding of the project scope and size,  before the equipment installation and even design ad hoc equipment with technical specifications that meet the needs of each client.

Highly demanded by engineering companies

This new service responds to the great demand from the engineering sector, the company’s core business. In this way, it allows the company to:

  • Increase its performance

  • Be more competitive when presenting tenders

  • Improve the project presentation to its current and future client portfolio.

  • 3D product files available to engineers worldwide and allow designers to integrate directly Inpro products in their BIM projects

This 3D simulation was highly demanded by engineering companies, which is also a determining factor when choosing equipment for their projects.

With this, Inpro significantly increases its chances of competitiveness with a great improvement in its “letter of introduction” in tenders and for its current and potential customers.


Regarding its implementation, the new 3D simulation service is integrated in all products installed in critical infrastructure projects such as data centers, hospitals, airports, etc… in the installation area of liquid fuel transfer equipment, mainly diesel and HVO.

In addition, all customers will have access to 3D documentation to visualize the entire range of Inpro products, through data sheets, web, animations, videos, catalogs, installation manuals, etc… that are gradually being implemented.

External and internal improvement

In addition, this new 3D visualization system:

  • It will allow the team to work online

  • Real-time modifications for external customer projects

  • Improve internal workflow

  • It will facilitate communication with suppliers in the supply chain when manufacturing parts for equipment

 Omar Chacón – Product Engineer responsible for 3D Design

    According to Cristina Sanz, Inpro CO-CEO: “This new service is another step towards the digitalization of processes, brings added value to our customers and responds to our commitment to offer the best service and the highest quality in our products. And she adds: “Innovation is part of our DNA and therefore, we will continue to modernize and adapt our product portfolio to the demands of the sector“.

    Do you want to know more about our 3D simulation service?

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