Interview of Cristina Sanz, Co-CEO of Inpro, for Be Energy magazine

Today we bring you the interview conducted by Cristina Sanz, Co-CEO of Inpro, on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the company.

50 aniversario Inpro – Entrevista a Cristina Sanz Ortiz, Co CEO de la compañía

What is Inpro and what does it offer?

“Inpro is a Spanish German group created in 1972 that provides solutions for the transfer of fuel and energy solutions for critical installations. It is founded by Antonio Sanz, my father, together with a German partner, and they begin to work on the development of the construction and adoption of diesel as a source of heating oil at that time. We were pioneers in the use of a technology that did not exist and that added to the installation controls and actuators that allowed it to be more efficient, reduce the number of pumps, better pressure control, etc.

This year is our 50th anniversary and we are very happy to celebrate it by expanding our presence and client portfolio both nationally and internationally. Since we were born, our main value has been to invest all our resources and knowledge to find the best solution in each installation. During our life, we have collaborated in projects of all kinds in the five continents, in facilities as important for society as hospitals, airports, data protection centers, accommodation, control towers, trains and a long etcetera. As well as in public buildings or critical facilities, with special dedication in Data Centers with TIER V certification, with the aim of ensuring their high availability continuously and reliably.”

Who is it aimed at?

“We have a clear position in the part of projects for the industrial sector, especially in back-up facilities in critical infrastructures such as hotels, hospitals, airports, etc. And lately, due to the importance and presence of Big Data, we are also very focused on the Datacenter sector.”

What kind of clients does the company work for?

“It makes us very happy and proud to be able to say that our equipment has been installed in more than 15 airports, more than 30 hospitals in Spain and other countries, as well as in data protection centers, public and office buildings, or industrial facilities. We have collaborated for brands and entities, both in the private and public sectors, such as Telefónica, Aena, Inditex, Hospital 12 de Octubre, Botanical Garden in Oman, Orange in Senegal, Huawei in Cameroon, and the airports of Barcelona, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca. Currently, we have more than 50,000 installations in operation and work with more than 2,000 distributors in 30 countries.”

How have you managed to overcome the health crisis?

“In distribution – the activity that is most linked to construction – it had a very negative effect, and there were projects that came to a complete halt. But fortunately now we see a more positive trend and we are already working on several projects in different parts of the world. On the other hand, the construction of Data Centers has been reactivated due to the enormous increase in the demand for storage and transmission of data. And this situation is undoubtedly a hopeful scenario for us.”

What do you think about the new renewable energy market? How is your business philosophy in this regard?

“Our philosophy is clear and direct: we want to reduce pollution levels by giving a second life to those materials that can be reused. Like, for example, oils. For this reason, at Inpro we have been betting and leading the use of HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) for some time. It is made from 100% renewable materials that, when refined, have a similar structure to fossil diesel and can help solve the current problem of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions associated with fossil fuels.  There are many benefits – it has a storage life ten times longer than standard diesel and offers year-round stability in both low and high temperatures – and also requires no modification of existing infrastructure and can be used as a direct replacement for diesel. Today, diesel engines are still the standard format for generating backup/recovery power. But data center operators are constantly.

But data center operators are constantly evaluating the use of fossil fuels, including diesel, which opens the door for the use of more sustainable fuels. This is where HVO has proven to be a viable alternative to fossil diesel and that is why at Inpro we defend its usefulness and benefits. Currently, companies such as Kao Data in the UK, or Interxion in Paris, are already using HVO in their data centers. Which shows that it is possible and that it is the job of all players to bet on this greener and greener solution.”

You tell us that it is his 50th anniversary. How has the company evolved and grown in all these years?

“When we started our activity, the security measures, the existing energies, the transfer systems, the energy needs in critical facilities, etc. were very different from the scenario in which we live today. And that has undoubtedly been one of the keys to our long existence: we have been able to adapt and anticipate the multiple changes that the sector has had, as well as the new needs not only of our customers but also of the industry itself. But we have always had the same essence, commitment and quality of service. And for years we have also added a deeper vision to offer the technology solutions that customers need to automate their operations with more security, efficiency and connectivity. My father always defends that our success is based on providing quality products and good after-sales service and customer service. And that’s why, during the 50 years of the brand’s existence, we have tried to transmit those values and principles to all our employees ,distributors, partners, etc…

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