Inpro turns 50 and we celebrate it proudly, as it means for us a sign of dedication,
commitment, effort, perseverance, and passion for the sector since the company was founded, by all of us who are part of it.

Since our creation in 1972, Inpro´s main value has been and is collaboration, empathy and engineering support to find the best solution for each installation. During our 50 years of life we have collaborated on projects of all kinds on the five continents, in critical facilities that are so important for society and citizens such as hospitals, airports, data protection centers or public buildings, with a special dedication to Data Centers.

The world has changed and so has the way of working, but we have never forgotten our
essence, commitment, and quality of service offering the necessary technological solutions so that our clients can automate their operations with greater security, efficiency and connectivity.

As Antonio Sanz, our founder, says, “at Inpro we have been able to celebrate half a century of existence because we have always been one step ahead of the changes that have occurred in the sectors in which we operate. It has not only been a question of satisfying the new demands of customers and the environment but of anticipating them”.


Today we have employees at our headquarters in Spain and Germany, who overcome new challenges every day. We hope to continue reaping new successes and go even further.

Thank you very much to all for joining us.

Let´s go for another 50 years!

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