Inpro Research and Anglo Nordic

At Inpro Research & Development we realize how important the management is of backup energy systems at mission critical installations like hospitals, airports, office buildings, data centres, etc. And therefore, since we were founded 50 years ago, we have continually kept on developing and providing the best solution for each installation anywhere in the world.

In order to keep on expanding our global presence, we are very happy to announce that we have teamed up with Anglo Nordic, leading supplier of heating and ventilation components in the UK, with the main goal of providing the best range of automatic fuel pumping and green fuel solutions for the British and Australian markets.

“Anglo Nordic are excited to be partnering with Inpro Research & Development, who have been a strategic supplier of ours for a number of years, in this space. Our combined knowledge and experience provides the highest levels of assurance that any project from design to implementation will be delivered to the very highest standards”, comments Ian McCreeth, Managing Director at Anglo Nordic.

“Inpro Research & Development and Anglo Nordic are joining forces to address the critical facilities world, and more specifically the Datacenters, a market that is booming these days. Taking advantage of the extensive experience of INPRO in this field, with more than 15 years doing back up installations both in critical installations (Airports, hospitals, hotels, etc) we will integrate this expertise with the deep technical knowledge that Anglo has not only in their targeted markets, but also in this specific industry” comments Cristina Sanz Managing Director at Inpro.

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