INPRO in the new terminal of Algiers International Airport

INPRO has been selected to manufacture and supply the fuel transfer systems for the new terminal of Algiers International Airport

The new Houari Boumediene terminal will be built on an area of 73 hectares and will increase the capacity of the airport to 16 million passengers each year, increasing the current capacity by 10 million.

INPRO R&D has designed and supplied the control and fuel transfer equipment for the emergency power supply network to generators.

The solution consists of the following equipment:

  1. Pressure duplex pump sets GP GC for high flow – 4200 l/h
  2. Automation and security system CAG with touch screen
  3. level switch and EDM meter for automated filling and emptying of tanks
  4. Forced return system FP 50 GE


Grupos de presión de gran caudal GP -GC

Large flow pressure groups GP -GC

CAG Control Panel

FP 50 return system

Control SMMR and EDM levels

INPRO design and manufacture produces a wide range of solutions and products specifically designed for fuel applications in the management of multi-generator and multi-tank operations. Our engineering department provides tailor-made solutions for more applications through complete, flexible and network 100% monitoring-enabled for efficient system integration at building management system.

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