INPRO in the new Hospital Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Madrid

INPRO supplies the fuel transfer system for the new Hospital Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Madrid

Next fall, the Clinic of the University of Navarra will open its doors in Madrid. As a hospital of high level of excellence, it is the private hospital nº 1 in Spain, according to the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS), prepared by Merco. The requirements and the level of excellence of this clinic, where CUN national and international patients will be attended were especially critical regarding its fuel transfer equipment to boilers and generators:

for the automatic transfer to burners, it was necessary to integrate the leak detection system, Modbus communication and a control panel for remote alarm management, all in accordance with DIN 12514-1, EN 13160-1 and MI -IP-03.

This required a specific INPRO solution, including:

GP-800GET, a double pump fuel transfer system

Automated management and security system with touch screen

EDM-40, for automated control of the filling and suction from tanks

GP-800 GET

CAG Management Touch Panel


INPRO design and manufacture produces a wide range of solutions and products specifically designed for fuel applications in the management of multi-generator and multi-tank operations. Our engineering department provides tailor-made solutions for more applications through complete, flexible and network 100% monitoring-enabled for efficient system integration at building management system.

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