New product launch. ECR-25-50 – Adjustable level switch

ECR 25-50 Adjustable Level Switch – New product launch

In our INPRO factory we are constantly innovating and developing solutions adapted to the needs of our customers. We are now celebrating the launch of a new product that adds to our extensive catalogue: the ECR 25-50 Adjustable Level Switch. The ECR 25-50 is a sensor that has been designed and developed entirely by our team of engineers during this year 2023.


ECR 25-50 Adjustable Level Switch

The ECR 25-50 (Adjustable Level Switch) is a resistive type level sensor for low height tanks and offers high accuracy. The main function of an ECR is the same as the EDM-40, it gives us the level of a tank with great resolution.

Technical specifications of the ECR-25 and ECR-50:

  • ECR-25: for 150-300mm tanks.

  • ECR-50: for 300-600mm tanks.


Advantages offered by the ECR 25-50 Adjustable Level Switch

1- The Adjustable Level Switch complements our current EDM-40 and SMMR level sensors very well.

2- The ECR 25-50 gives a complete reading of the deposit, not just 4 points, so the current level of the deposit is known at all times. This action is already done by the EDM-40 as well.


3- The ECR is perfect for small tanks (about 150 to 600mm) and at a slightly lower cost than the EDM-40.

4- This product installation is extremely easy and flexible as it has a basic default configuration for 2 relay outputs. In this way, the ECR 25-50 can be adjusted by the user himself in the installation.

5- Probe height is adjustable to the exact height of the tank.

6- The display is off in Eco mode unless an alarm threshold is exceeded (or a button is pressed).

    Why is this product the best choice?

    This level sensor is a very good alternative for small tanks. Currently the level of these tanks is controlled through an SMMR, knowing the level at 2, 3, or 4 points, but the exact level of fuel outside those points is unknown. With the ECR we offer that continuous measure with a lower price than the EDM-40.


    The product has 2 measurement options to choose from:

    The ECR 25-50 displays on its display the contents of a tank in liters or percentages, being suitable for almost all oils, liquids or fluids, up to 60°C.  

    Linear value % (1, 2..,100%)

    We can give linear values of % or values of liters whether the tank is linear or a lying cylinder type (either with 2 or 4 relay outputs)

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