Data Centers: How much security are we talking about?

Data Processing Centers (CPDs) are secure infrastructures that allow for the hosting and flow of critical information for companies with growing needs in IT and cloud computing environments. They are designed to cover many areas such as: air conditioning, connectivity, access security and redundancy of power supply through diesel emergency generators. They should be capable of maintaining the system without fluctuations in voltage or intensity in case of network failure.

At Inpro, we design and manufacture fuel transfer and storage control systems and protocols for the automation of diesel fuel supply to emergency generators. This helps to maintain the critical performance of the Data Centers.

Our main objective is to add value to the collaboration with our partners by adapting to their needs, accompanying them throughout the design and execution process, and being actively involved in the overall development team of the project.

Within the Tier certifications, which define and measure the availability time of a data center, to know the performance and the return on investment, Inpro sits right at the top of the Tier 4 Certification.

The Tier 4 Certification has various protections, is fault tolerant, guarantees that the data center has the highest availability/up-time and is safe against natural disasters.

We have participated in a large variety of projects where the requirements for operation and TIER certifications have made us grow and adapt.

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