Why are we better at critical facilities?

In Inpro we have positioned ourselves as a European leader in the manufacture, design and supply of systems and control for the transfer of fuels, heating and emergency power systems and back-up to generator sets. Our more than 50 years of experience have allowed us to carry out more than 50,000 installations in operation in both national and international projects – we have a presence in 30 countries.

What are critical facilities? 

Critical facilities are those that require design conditions with a high level of safety and redundancy to offer a very high availability rate for uninterrupted power service to multiple tanks, with redundancy, distributed PLC control and integrated to BMS, management of filtering systems and anti-fuel spill safety. Such as Data Processing Centers, Hospitals and Airports. INPRO following the criteria of “The Uptime Institute” designs solutions for this type of infrastructure, such as a level with concurrent maintenance based on the TIER certification.

Why installing or partnering with INPRO on a critical installation is the BEST OPTION? 

Here are some key points: 

The INPRO system is the best compared to others as it offers A nonbinding & most cost-effective solution to your request to keep on the efficient, safe, and reliable factory tested whole fuel package for building operation.

This system provides a quick response around our solution backed by more than 50 years of  experience on fuel handling systems, avoiding unnecessary oversizing / risky under sizing on equipment

Quality, reliability and safety are the reasons why our  customers have chosen us for so many years: and we have numerous references of projects in critical installations with our products or from other specific areas, which you can see here 

Why a pre-assembled Inpro pumping system for critical installations?

All our solutions come from our factory designed and tested:

  • To allow a quick installation at your location
  • To warranty a safe and reliable operation at any critical facility
  • Meaning for you a trouble-free commissioning & maintenance for your installation

The comprehensive life cycle project model for fuel systems

Inpro 360º is our special commitment to produce energy facilities easier to operate, integrate and document them during all the project stages.

Inpro systems flexibility allow you to provide building information modelling (BIM) solutions to make the project evolve along its entire life cycle.

INPRO 360º



Manufacture of standard equipment, bespoke systems, or OEM manufacturing

For more information about our products, services and critical facilities projects, you can send an email to info@inprord.com or by clicking here 

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