Automatic fuel polishing system for diesel tanks

The automatic fuel conditioning system for particle filtration, water removal, fuel homogenization and oxygenation through its programmed recirculation protocol, prevents the proliferation of bacteria, molds and yeasts that are liable to damage the installation. As per current regulations trends in allowance limits, the diesel can be mixed with till 7% of biodiesel. This fact modifies the fuel's chemical structure and causes a significant increase in condensation within the tank. The presence of water and certain temperature conditions create a perfect medium for the bacteria to grow, reproduce and create damages at the installation.

Why is it important to install MicroSafa in my fuel tank?

Microbial contamination of fuel storage tanks is becoming a major problem during last years. Quite often, the first symptoms are detected in the installation's filters as these become plugged, giving rise to heavy repair and maintenance expenses. The bacteria proliferate with the accumulation of water in the tanks, quickly forming large colonies that obstruct the filters, cause irregular wear to the pumps and affect engine cylinders. In addition, reduced efficiency causes a considerable increase in fuel consumption. The Microsafa filtering system is the ideal solution to all these problems in small installations, especially in emergency generators with poor fuel rotation. The system eliminates solid particulate and water from the tanks by means of a decanting filter. Additionally, it is fitted with a linear module that induces lethargy in the bacteria thus limiting their capacity to proliferate. For larger capacity installations and fuel storage yards, the SAFA filtering system guarantees prevention.  

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Automatic fuel conditioning system: SAFA, MiniSAFA and MicroSAFA