Automatic water separation system in diesel tanks

The automatic filtering system for the separation of water in diesel tanks eliminates the water produced by condensation, oxygenates, homogenizes the fuel thanks to its recirculation and prevents the proliferation of bacteria, molds and yeast that are so damaging for the installation.

Why is it important to install The MiniSAFA in my fuel tank?

Microbial contamination in fuel storage tanks is becoming a major problem. Frequently, the first symptoms are detected in the installation filters when they become clogged, causing extra maintenance charges. These bacteria proliferate by the accumulation of water in the tanks, quickly forming large colonies that clog the filters, causes irregular wear in pumps and affects to the engine cylinders. In addition to a considerable increase in consumption by reducing performance. The MiniSAFA filtering system is the ideal solution to all these problems in the medium-sized installations, especially in main tanks, due to the poor fuel rotation. The system eliminates solid particles and water from the tanks by means of a decanting filter. Additionally, it is fitted with a linear module that induces lethargy in the bacteria thus limiting their capacity to proliferate. Recommended for tanks up to 50.000 Lts accumulation.
Dimensions 500x500x650 mm
Power supply 230 /110 Vca
Consumption 4 A / 8A Max.
Maximum Flow 50 l/min
Caudal Nominal 40 l/min
Product codes 21110000902305: 230 V 50 Hz model 21110000901105: 110 V 60 Hz model 21110000902316: 230 V 50 Hz model, with automatic water drain pump 21110000901106: 110 V 60 Hz model, with automatic water drain pump

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