Mod. F3 – F6 – F9

The F unit manages the explosive gas detectors that are connected to it in a simple and effective way.
Its reliability and sturdiness allow it to be placed in anyone’s hands. Its digital display notifies you of the concentration of measured gas at all times.
It has 4 relays to which various types of servo mechanisms can be linked.
By connecting it to one or more Dalemans detectors, you will benefit from an installation that offers the best value for money.

MODEL F3 / F6 / F9
Type of inputs Wheatstone bridge (millivolts)
Number of detectors F3: 1 to 3 / F6: 1 to 6 / F9: 1 to 9
L.E.L. reading Digital display: from 0 to 99%
Alarms 3 levels of alarm with adjustable timedelay by
internal keyboard
Fault reporting Self-regulating detection loop and battery
General remote controls Alarm 1: SPDT contact rated 3 A, 230 V
Alarm 2: SPDT contact rated 3 A, 230 V
Alarm 3: SPDT contact rated 3 A, 230 V
Fault: SPDT contact rated 3 A, 230 V
Acoustic signal 1. Interne sounder
2. For external siren
  • Imax: 100 mA
  • 20 V if main power supply
  • 12 V if battery power supply
Adjustable settings -Value of the levels of alarm
-Time-delay for activating each level of alarm:
max. 9 s
-“Fail safe” or “Normally de-energized” relays
operating mode
Adjustable functions -Manual or automatic reset for each level of
-Enable or disable acoustic signaling for each
level of alarm
MODEL F3 / F6 / F9
Installation category II
Operating temperature From -10ªC to 40ºC
Connections terminal blocks Screw, max. 2,5 mm2 cross sectional area
Ingress protection IP55, with viewing window
Power supply 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz
Battery charge current 100 mA
Power consumption F3: 23 W
F6: 46 W
F9: 69 W
Dimensions (H x L x P) F3: 215 x 305 x 115
F6: 410 x 305 x 146
F9: 560 x 305 x 146
Weight F3: 2,5 kg
F6: 5 kg
F9: 7,3 kg
Certifications EN 50081-1
EN 50082-1
EN 61010-1