EVMR 600 mbar

The EVRM-NC type valve is a manual reset safety valve that is normally closed. When the coil is not energized the spring works on the shutter keeping the gas passage closed. Simply by energizing the coil the valve does not open. It is necessary to manually move the reset rod located at the top of the coil. Once opened, the valve can maintain this position until electric current circulates on the coil. In absence of electric current the valve closes rapidly and remains shut upon return of same. Once the causes for the lock have been eliminated, opening must be worked manually as described above.

This type of device, connected with one or more pressure switches is suitable for locking operations upon gas, air, or electric current failure, and is qualified for continuous service (permanently live).

EVMR (600 mbar)

Female thread 3/8”

Female thread 1/2”

Female thread 3/4”

Female thread 1”

Female thread 1 1/4”

Female thread 1 1/2”

Female thread 2”

Flange DN40

Flange DN50

Flange DN65

Flange DN80

Flange DN100

Flange DN125

Flange DN150

Flange DN200