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01. GP-30 IP-20

02. GP-70-1500 N

03. GP-GE 70-1500

04. GP-H-GE High Pressure

05. GP-GC


GP Microdomestic


Diesel oil electrovalves Pressure Groups

What should I do if the electrovalve does not close or open correctly?

1) Check that the coil is working correctly, magnetic field. If it is not working.

2) Open and clean the the body and joint.

What should I do if the diesel oil gears are not regulating correctly?

You should open the equipment and clean the joint.

Counters Pressure Group

The meter for the group is either not counting or has a low count

1) Clean the filters.

2) Check that the flow is less than the meter minimum.

The meter count is higher than normal

Most probably, the flow of the meter is lower than the changed flow (out of range).

When the meter is counting but does not pulse

The reed relays are probably damaged. Contact Customer Services next.