MULTICOM: GSM & NB-IoT base and Gateway

Inpro Multicom: Characteristic Highlights

  • Availability of communications, whatever the location of the sensors; remote locations between equipment, indoor installations including underground.
  • There is no interference between neighboring networks of devices and sensors.
  • Effectiveness of communications: security and cost. At the request of a single SIM per gateway, regardless of the number of sensors connected.
  • Very low energy consumption by the properties of Nb-IoT and LTE-M technologies.
  • Effective network topology: based on a master-slave topology. The master or gateway receives signals from wireless slave satellites (sensors), through nb (narrowband) communications, sending the captured data to the Inpro cloud (Inpro Cloud) by NBIOT / LTE-M / GPRS transmission for processing and evaluation.
  • Almost unlimited growth potential since a gateway or a master can handle n-satellites.
  • In addition, Multicom gateway can also act as master-slave and capture information directly from connected sensors and sent back to Inpro's cloud.
  • Localement par connexion BLE.