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Telefónica DATA Processing Center

Category: Critical Infrastructures & Utilities i.e Data Processing Centers or Financial Facilities

Requirements and needs of the customer

The project consisted of automating and controlling the Gas Oil supply needs of 25 Emergency Power Generator Units from two main tanks, one for each line, and a reserve tank for the daily service tanks of each power generator unit.
The project had to be done in compliance with the indications of Uptime Institute, the certification body, to obtain a Tier IV score in project and installation with the goal of becoming the first Data Processing Center (DPC) in Europe to obtain that certificate in both fields: project and installation.
One of the condition was having two independent gas oil supply lines (A and B) to provide 100% of power at each side.
The required amount of gas oil had to allow operation for 12 hours at maximum load.
The power increase expectations of the installation posed the challenge of performing calculations on the dimensions of the pipes and achieving proper operation at all power levels. As well as designing the pumping and control units taking into account a gradual increase up to the maximum power level of the project, without hindering normal operation.
The increased environmental requirements posed another challenge regarding management of possible spills. The first solution presented in the project suggested using meters at the point of use and propulsion meters. To make this solution feasible, all meters -and therefore their deviation- had to be adjusted to the outlet meter, which would waste a lot of time at commissioning and could compromise long-term reliability. After scratching this solution, a leak detector spill protocol is implemented.

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