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Automatic kerosene supply for Testing Bench of JET-A1 Aircraft Engines

Category: Industry: CHP Power plants, Water treatment plants, Industry bespoke solutions

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Requirements and needs of the customer

The next project required automated supply of JET-A1 aircraft fuel for testing engines in bench.
In this process, the unloading process of the tanker to the main tank had to be monitored and managed, with the help of an unloading pump.
But the main challenge of the project were the operating supply requirements in aircraft engines. The most important condition for a proper operation of the bench, located 100 meters away and with a height difference of 15 meters, was supplying fuel at constant pressure, flow and temperature. A 3000 L/h flow with a constant pressure of 8 bars regardless of the number of operating engines, maintaining stable flow and pressure at all times.
Due to the characteristics of the fuel, the installation had to comply with Area-1 classification standards, so all electric elements had to comply with the requirements to work in areas at high risk of explosions, in compliance with current regulations. Moreover, shut-off valves were installed every 20 meters along the perimeter of the pipe for safety reasons.

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